Chess Moves (Themed set of nine images)

Chess Moves is a series of nine black-and-white pieces based on abstract patterns in perspective - all of which represent a move in chess and can also be seen to move in a shimmering pattern on the periphery of the viewers' vision. This effect is best seen when the work is viewed full size on the studio wall in its entirety. Thinking of a possible animation of this piece as a short animation dream sequence in a film with several story lines in the pipeline! These pictures should be taken together as a single work that is large enough to cover a studio wall 18 ft wide by 8ft long. All of the titles here represent either a move or a position in Chess. 'Breakthrough for example 'breaks through' the restricted perspective on all sides freeing a player from a difficult position. 'Open game' is in open play. 'Diagonals' represents all of the diagonal moves that can be made by particular pieces etc. All individual titled images eventually focus down onto the central piece which is called 'check-Point', the ultimate, winning, inescapable 'Mate ' position that any individual player is intent on achieving from the start of any game.

Please click the images to see the name of the picture for example Blockade - which blocks the path through & Breakthrough - Which breaks through on either side of perspective.

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