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My Testimonials

Circle Arts 2020 - Spotlight Magazine Issue 20 - Pages 64/65 & 66/67

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Four certificates from the Circle Arts Foundation 

CFA Contest Honorable Mention.jpg

I was awarded this for excellence in visual art in the stART 6Contest titled Harmony of Art. September 2021

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Certificate Honor Start

A Feature From Jack Snape In New York

David lee is an artistic polymath with his fingers in almost all of the pies of artistic mediums, Lee manages to excel at each and everyone of them. However, his huge scope of ability has not been only in medium but in subject matter also. With turner-esque cloud formations and storms, clever Op Art, metropolis machines, human anatomy, and portraiture, he covers all of the basics of the human imagination. 'Why', one might ask would an artist attempt such a broad range of subjects and mediums?  in a self explanatory statement in an email he explains : 'variety is the spice of life of course which also means  as an artist you are never stuck for a theme to work with because you can always return to a subject refreshed and ready to start again.' while this may be true, his work is anything but random. lee rejects boundaries of convention and artistic licence and instead of following a particular path, he paints as he chooses. Free from the shackles of categorisation and by utilising his own  impulses to feed his passion, Lee is then able to create an art which is a completely  true reflection of his thoughts. To a degree this entire collection could be viewed as a mental biography, as a string of Lee's running thought: his current feelings, his reflections of the past, his looking into the future.
However you view the art as a whole, there is no doubt that whether as a landscape artist, Op Art, or any theme in general, there will always be something there for everyone.
My own favourite theme in this collection alongside 'Single images' would have to be 'Chess Moves'. Far from mere optical illusions, Lee brilliantly encompasses the nature of chess moves and tactics within the artwork with the use of such titles as ' Open Game' ' The Castle' Expanded Centre' .
The quality  and the volume of the works within the genre are staggering. Lee has created Op Art but with a definite subject in a brilliant merging of techniques. 

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